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OPML Editor on Ubuntu

Overview permalink

WINE is a framework that allows many windows applications to run under Linux operating systems. It is far from perfect, but often with some tweaking, you can get everything to work.

Wine1.3 finally had enough tweaks that you can run the OPML Editor for windows on a desktop machine under Ubuntu 11.10

The usual caveats apply, as this may not work for you depending on hardware differences and Linux 'mojo' :-)

Installing Wine1.3 permalink

Release 1.3 is not officially supported out of the box on Ubuntu as of 2/25/12, so intallation cannot easily be done in the GUI.

Open a Terminal window


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine1.3

You will be asked if installing from an 'non-trusted source' is ok. Confirm you are ok with this, but only if you are!

Configuring Wine1.3 for the OPML Editor permalink

From your Ubuntu applications, open the Configure Wine application

You should see something like this screenshot

A picture named configWine.jpeg

If it looks exactly like this, then you can move to the next step

Click on the 'Graphics' tab

Configure this tab like the screenshot below

A picture named graphicsTab.jpeg

Installing the OPML Editor permalink

In your Ubuntu browser (this default is Firefox) download the windows version of the OPML Editor

Save it to your Downloads folder and extraxt the zip file so you have the 'stock' OPML folder.

Next we are going to move the OPML folder to a 'special' folder where WINE stores programs and user data

Open your Download Folder in your File browserlike this screenshot

A picture named opmlFolder.jpeg

Now go the the Menu for your file browser and select 'New Window'

Go to your Home Folder

From the file browser menu select View->Show Hidden Files

You will see a folder called .wine

A picture named hiddenFiles.jpeg

Open the .wine folder and navigate to drive_c->Program FIles

Drag the OPML folder from your Home folder to the Program Files folder

A picture named dragItIn.jpeg

Starting the OPML Editor permalink

open the OPML Folder and double click on opml.exe

A new window should open containing the OPML Editor like this

A picture named startup2.jpeg

The OPML Editor will ask to connect to the server to download updates, if you are connected to the internet confirming this will work

Working with the Editor permalink

Unless you install a Wine based browser (which is a whole other HowTo) you will be using your Ubuntu based Firefox browser to interact with the OPML Editor

Entering will get you to the editor where you can select the prefs menu to start configuration.

After Installing permalink

After the first time you start up the OPML Editor, it will be accessible from your Ubuntu Applications menu or when you select Dash Home at the top of your dock

Unless you have installed a windows browser on wine, the OPML Editor does not know how to communicate automatically with your Ubuntu browser, so menu items like the Tool Catalog will not work.

Instead just access everything from the menus in Firefox from

Notes permalink

Use the comments section if you have feedback on this howto, if you ran into trouble, but especially if it worked!

I will keep this howto updated based upon the feedback.

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